Our Team

Our Team now consists of over 700 committed professionals spread across the country. While we are Headquartered at Mumbai & have a branch office at Kolkata, our Field colleagues, Logistics Officers and Trade Partners are spread across the country.

Helpline: 18008903590

A dedicated branch of Management Trainees, Brand Development Executives, Area Business Managers, Regional Managers, Zonal Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Training Managers & Admin Support Managers form the backbone of our operations.

The Senior Leadership Team is headed by our dynamic Managing Director Mr. Debasish Mitra and his core team of Vice Presidents & General Managers, who are caring and sensitive to all stakeholders across all levels.

I am very proud to be part of this family of Alteus. An incredible journey of 5 years. I love to work with an enthusiastic team with continue learning under the supervision of my leaders.

Amar Vivek Lohar

RSM, West Zone

I am fortunate enough to work in such a VALUES driven organization, It’s been a incredible journey for me & I am enjoying the essence of Success and Recognition in my professional carrier. For me ALTEUS BIOGENICS is the Best place to grow fast by enriching the knowledge.

Anindya Maity

Deputy RSM, East Zone

I Joined Alteus on 26th June 2014. Alteus is my 2nd family. I’m really thankful that I started my career in this organization or family.

Sumanta Das Bairagya

ZSM, East Zone

“ALTEUS BIOGENICS” is not only a company for me, the organisation is my family and the all employees are my family members. I get recognition, social respect and financial growth from my organization.

Suman Dutta

ABM, East Zone

It’s been 8 years I’m working as an ALTEUN … A remarkable journey with positive vision, sincere and hardworking members also enriched with certain core values of life like: Punctuality, Performance, Integrity, Innovation, Mutual Respect and Transparency.

Subhra Paul

RSM, East Zone

An incredible journey through a path lead by an eminent chieftain and facilitated in every step by an army of highly competent, involved, hard -working and sincere legion of managers and executives.

Salman Khan

BDM, West Zone

I spent 8 years at ALTEUS. I got Love, Help, Good relation from my seniors. I have got much Opportunities to Learn. “ALTEUS you are my another Parent.”

Rajib Das

BDM, East Zone

I feel positive & grateful to be associated with the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in India – ALTEUS BIOGENICS PVT LTD for the last 3 years.

Amit Das

RSM, South Zone

I want to thank the Alteus Family, all those who inspired me to reach this stage of life. All my seniors, my colleagues & lastly thanks to my family member for inspiring me for do well in my career.

Bachan Dash

ABM, East Zone

I don’t know how fast these years passed. But one thing is sure that these all years were incredible and memorable for me as the journey was from a fresh graduate to a Regional Sales Manager. It was all about my emotion and association of 9 years. Lastly … Let’s be true Alteuns by heart ,soul and mind.

Ajaya Nayek

RSM, East Zone

Yes I am proud to be an ALTEUN. I had joined Alteus on 1st August 2016 after that gradually learnt Positive values of both personal as well as professional Life. Relaxed and productive atmosphere help me to grow in a faster way.

Sudipta Chakroborty

ZSM, East Zone

I feel Positive & grateful to be associate for last 3 years with the fastest growing Pharmaceutical Company in India – “ALTEUS BIOGENICS PVT LTD.”

Chinmoy Sen

ZSM, North Zone

Alteus is the fastest growing Organisation which not only grown on business volume simultaneously marked its presence in the life of Alteuns. My 10 year journey would not be that much successful if I missed the opportunity to enhance my skill & knowledge by constant training procedure. Evaluation of effort & love towards job is also appreciated which pushes each Alteun to achieve new feathers of success. Really Alteus means “ We stand together for life “.

Susmik Chakraborty

AGM, Marketing

An incredible journey through a path lead by an eminent chieftain and facilitated in every step by an army of highly competent, involved, hard -working and sincere legion of managers and executives; wherein, by practicing certain core values of life like Punctuality, Performance, Integrity, Innovation, Mutual Respect and Transparency.

Sanjeev Dey

AGM, Learning and Development

During my last 9 years journey with the Organisation, I have achieved many flags which I aspired for. The journey is so joyful that I am enjoying each & every moment with my Alteus family members by sharing each other’s sorrow & joy.

Sukanta Singha

ZSM, East Zone